The Ark

Of Forgotten Knowledge
Rediscover the art of how things work
Securing old school skills for the freedom of generations.
There is a wealth of knowledge left abandoned, forgotten and fading on bookshelves, in boxes and in archives. A wealth of mastery destined to silently vanish as humanity accelerates rapidly toward greater ignorance and blind dependence on modern technology and those who own it.
What's the big deal? It's all online and tech is just convenient! Right!? 
Or is it?! And are you just being dumbed down?
At some level you know that you've become reliant on computers and artificial intelligence (AI) to do some of the simplest of tasks. We all have!

How long can you rely on Siri, Alexa and 'Hey Google' to tell you everything you need and want to know and do?

What did you do the last time you had to:

  • Get directions to a destination
  • Find a phone number not in your contacts
  • Call a taxi
  • Lookup public transport routes and timetables
  • Calculate travel times
  • Book a flight, a hotel, a restaurant
  • Rent a vehicle
  • Check the current weather or weather forecast
  • Lookup a recipe
  • Help your child(ren) with that school craft project
  • Figure out how to fix something around the house
  • Learn how to diagnose a problem with your vehicle
  • Discover the meaning of a word
  • Check out what shows, movies or events are on
  • Lookup an historic event
  • Figure out what foods are best for you
  • Find a home remedy for your condition
  • Do even simple mathematics
  • Confirm the correct grammar of something
  • Research anything
Or what about call a loved one or close friend. Do you remember their number or do you rely on your phone's contact database?

Imagine life without Internet search engines or any voice activated AI mobile, or home, assistant.

Are you prepared for any scenario where you are denied access to these information services indefinitely? 

It doesn't have to be a doomsday thing either! There are enough scenarios in life where computers and related information technologies will, and do, let you down.

We take many fundamental things for granted. So many everyday processes are controlled by computers. But when systems fail, who has the knowledge to fill the void that is left?!

If the convenience of modern information technology were to fall away how well will you be able to respond to the challenges you face?

You Get Access to a Wealth of Experience

No matter what your motivation is the Ark of Forgotten Knowledge has a library of experienced based knowledge for you to learn, put into action and assimilate. We have compiled a comprehensive catalogue of books, many dating back a more than a century, that cover an extensive range of topics to help you as an individual, a family and a community to learn and grow. 
The Ark has been constructed over decades, compiling old books from across the world that document real knowledge and real experience. Some texts are more than a hundred years old, some are several hundred years old. The same technology that was used to build civilisations, the first industrial revolution and beyond.

Inside The Ark You'll Find

Library of Books

The entire standard library will always be available for free to all members who join early as we grow.

Group Video Calls

Paid members have access to online Q&A with professionals and experts across different fields.

Training Courses

Online and remote education courses up to certificate level will be available by Q1 2022.

Printed Materials

Hard copy versions of any of the books are available for a fee subject to membership level.

Here is a selection of only some of the subjects the library covers

Alcohol & Ethanol Production
Still Construction
Animal Husbandry
Tech Village Development
Arid Dry Environments
Hot Water Generation
Human Sewerage Management
Mechanics & Maintenance
Metal Work
Mother Earth
Power Generation
Food & Agriculture Systems
Forestry & Lumber
Free Energy
Glass Manufacturing
Health & Sanitation
Herbal Remedies
Land Stewardship
Leather Working
Self Sufficiency
Small Farm Development
Systems & Networks
Property Development
Teaching & Education
Tool Making & Maintenance
Tropical Environments
Village Scale Basic Technology
Water Management
Water Wheel Design & Construction

Join The Ark of Forgotten Knowledge Community

If you identify with any of these groups then the Ark of Forgotten Knowledge was created for you
  • Off Grid Living

    You enjoy your independence and want to live your life without reliance on public utilities. You generate your own energy, collect your own water, and responsibly manage food, waste and wastewater. You are totally self-reliant and self-sufficient. Yes, you've escaped the system as much as you can. You enjoy a sustainable lifestyle that reduces human impact on the environment. You're at one with nature which feeds your desire to live free in the world. A world you will also leave a better place than you found it, for the future generations.
  • Suburban Self Sufficiency

    You want to be able to take care of your own needs without  dependence upon supply chains and global agendas. It's as much a way of life as it is about risk mitigation for some external event that might ripple down. You want to be able to provide for yourself, your loved ones and perhaps your direct local suburban community in collaboration with each other and you enjoy the empowering freedom and sense of security this lifestyle offers.
  • Van Life

    You enjoy freedom of movement and the ability to absorb the pleasures of ever changing spaces, places and scenery when the mood for change takes you. You value your autonomy and reject being shackled to a mortgage or residential lease. Whether you are nomadic or prefer familiar surroundings for a longer period, you embrace a minimalist lifestyle on a journey to discover what is truly important for a happy and balanced life. You've made a conscious choice to trade convenience for living the plentiful  experiences life has to offer and you are happy with both your choices and the outcomes they offer.
  • Grey Nomads & Snowbirds

    You've done the time, paid your dues to society, now it's your time to live unrestrained, free from the daily grind and the pressure and commitments that come with it. You love adventuring for extended periods away from home base as you enjoy your country and maybe even the world at large. You love exploration and discovery as you exercise your freedom. So the kids inheritance might get a haircut along the way. So what?! That's life! 
  • Tiny Homes

    You love to live simply, occupy a small footprint, and consume  what you need in a life void of excesses. As you consciously explore what you truly value in life, you place greater emphasis on quality living, personalisation, environmental ethics, and community values. As a result you put effort into strengthening your communities, healing the environment, and spending time with family. You prefer to live outside the norms of society because you understand that the value of the environment and human interaction is much greater than the value of material goods.
  • Survivalists

    You are prepared for any eventuality. You have the skills and ability to live off the land and thrive in natural environments void of the comforts of modern living. Whether the breakdown of society is imminent or not, you have anticipated how the dominoes will fall when it happens and have a plan to ensure your own survival and the survival of your family, loved ones and possibly your closest community. You are interested in how things work and are prepared to face the challenge of rebuilding without the assistance of computers and similar technology.
  • Preppers

    You are absolutely committed to ensuring that all of your needs (and let's be honest a few of your wants as well) and those of your family and loved ones will be covered in the event of a disaster situation. It's not any one thing you do, it's a lifestyle. You collect enough of the necessary material resources, you create facilities for storage and security, you have plans in place ready to be put into action, and you keep mentally and physically fit so that you can respond rapidly when the time comes.

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